Why Bill Hunt For Orange County Sheriff


Bill Hunt is is currently running his campaign for Orange County Sheriff. The Orange County voters are scheduled to vote on June 8, 2010 on this very important election for OC Sheriff. The three candidates are Bill Hunt, a former OC Sheriff’s Lieutenant, Sandra Hutchens, the current appointed sheriff, and Craig Hunter, formerly with the Anaheim Police Department.

I had the opportunity to review many of the important topics in this election and found that Mr. Bill Hunt is most suitable for this position.

The world’s bad economy is faced with many challenges today and California is in the forefront of state budget cuts, job loss, and wage cuts to say the least. Tax payers are more alert and want answers to this crumbling economy. Mr. Bill Hunt has taken the initiative with jail reform, bail reform, public defender reform, and the overall budget.

Mr. Hunt has vowed to open the jails to criminal defense attorneys which will offset the taxpayers subsidizing a $65 million per year for the public defender’s budget. In 2008, 90% of arrestees were given a public defender rather than a private attorney. Sheriff Hutchens supports the current status quo and Craig Hunter has no plan at all!!

Mr. Bill Hunt wants to end early releases and opposes housing federal criminal illegal aliens in county jail. Will charge a fee for inmate initiated visits and feed inmates in their cells. Mr. Hunt is the ONLY candidate to have worked every level of the jail. The current Sheriff has flip flopped on her campaign statement and has released over 400 criminals back into our community. Craig Hunter has no plan for the jail reform.

While Sandra Hutchins is in office, there are currently over 140,000.00 outstanding criminal warrants in our neighborhoods costing our taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Misdemeanors and non-violent felonies are being released with a promise to appear. Bill Hunt’s policy will be “Pay your bail or stay in jail.” Once again, Craig Hunter has no plan for bail reform.

Furthermore, Bill Hunt will reduce the budget by 10% – $90 million without reducing the number of deputies on our streets. The current sheriff has fired cops and released inmates to save money.

Your 2nd Amendment right is currently under fire with the existing Sheriff. Recently the Board of Supervisors rebuked Sandra Hutchens for the second time on gun control. Bill Hunt believes in preserving your right to the 2nd Amendment and will issue CCW’s to law abiding citizens. Craig Hunter believes your right should be a vote of the people?

The above mentioned are just some important issues arising out of this election. The bottom line is that Bill Hunt is the candidate of choice. He has over 21 years experience versus 20 months for Hutchens and 0 experience for Hunter.

Bill Hunt is endorsed by the Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, California Coalition of Law Enforcement, Orange County Coalition Police & Sheriffs, National Rifle Association, local police departments, and Assemblyman Chris Norby. Please watch the following video and visit Bill Hunt’s website for more information.

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