Confused Client With Criminal Warrant

A prospective client walked into our office this morning confused about a letter received by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. The appearance letter included the alleged charges and bail amount, but failed to specify a court date to appear? It also stated that a warrant may or may have not been issued for his arrest.

The individual was stressed about the situation and offered to pay the $5,500.00 bail amount, thinking the criminal warrant and case would be resolved.

I informed the gentleman this would not be the case and he would have to appear regardless if he paid the complete bail or posted a bail bond in that amount. I also explained that he had several options to have the warrant withdrawn. One, to pay the complete amount of bail to The Clerk of the Court, in which he would be entitled to reimbursement once the criminal case was resolved. Two, have a bail bond issued with the court prior to his appearance with a future date to appear.

In addition, he may also appear before the court for the warrant and underlying charges without making prior arrangements for bail. Unfortunately, this option leads to the unknown many times. The judge has the final word on the bail amount, assuming he or she is following the county bail schedule, the bail amount should stay the same as indicated on the warrant, but this is never guaranteed.

Also keep in mind, change of circumstances since the initial arrest or citation can have an impact on the bail amount. Additional charges filed is a prime example on how the bail may be raised.

Fastrak Bail Bonds always recommends you seek legal advise through a criminal defense attorney. The attorney will be able to advise you of your legal rights and the criminal court system.

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