Greece in Turmoil With The World And Me

I recall as a little child, my sister Athena and I would attend our Greek language class at St. John the Baptist, in Anaheim, CA. We would also prepare for our Greek Independence Day celebration and poems program put together by the Greek school faculty. Wearing our traditional outfits and speaking of heroism & hope for our people gave us an understanding of what Greece had gone through in the centuries past.

As Greek-Americans, our upbringing was influenced by our public life and home life. We were proud of our Greek heritage & culture growing up, which helped pave our path as a new generation in a new country. Even so, our parents and relatives realized that the United States was the future, that the opportunities for a better life could only be realized in this great country.

Split between the two countries, we watched and listened to politics, news, and other sources of information. Some of my family and friends called it propaganda, etc… Regardless, they always had something to say.

In recent news and events, the world seems to be within Greece and not Greece within the world. I feel as if Greece became the guinea pig of the European Union (EU). Blame being tossed between political parties within the country and to the country itself. What is to be realized? Nothing, but the common citizen struggling once again to get ahead?

I was shocked and disgusted this past week with the death of a pregnant woman and three others in a bank from a Molotov bomb!! Where is the unity and support amongst citizens?! The EU is financing the Greece bailout, but who will bring these poor souls back to their families?

The country and its citizens must be united with one voice and reclaim the respect of the nations. After all, Greece is the birthplace of our democracy.

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