What is a Bail Bond?

In simple terms, a bail bond is cash money. It is a form of pre-trial release in which the public has the right to bail under the 8th amendment of the United States Constitution.

A bail bond also promises the court that the defendant will appear each and every time they are ordered to do so. Failure to appear as ordered without just cause will forfeit the bail bond.

Depending on the state where the bail bond was issued, the grace period for payment to the court varies. In the state of California for example, the grace period is 185 days from the date of the forfeiture. The only options to reinstate the forfeited bail bond are as follows;(1) the defendant returns to court prior to the 185 day period (2)a motion is filed with the court to show just cause for the failure to appear.

In any case, one must take caution when out on bail. Various bail laws in the state and contractual agreements with the bail bond company limit ones actions. For further information, please call us toll-free at 1-888-899-2245.

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