Bail Bondsman Clashes With Criminal Court System

Richard Sparano, owner of AA Bail Bonds is out $50,000.00 because of the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office.

The bail bond agency had posted a $50,000.00 bail bond for Dr. Munir Faswala. The Milville doctor was indicted on drug charges in late 2005 and the state appellate court ruled Tuesday that the Superior Court judge should reconsider a decision not to revoke bail for the doctor.

The reason you might ask? Well, Dr. Faswala never reported to the bail bond company as required to begin with and when the bail agent located him in Buffalo, New York, while being detained by the Canadian border authority, the prosecutor’s office refused to take action to detain him when the bail bondsman contacted them.

The superior court judge’s argument is that Dr. Faswala had not missed any court dates between posting bail and fleeing the country! By the way, Dr. Faswala is now in Pakistan.

Our argument would be with the bail bond company. Why would you post a $50,000.00 bail bond without securing the amount of bail during the course of the transaction?

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