Bail Set For Former Prosecutor

It is unbelievable sometimes the things you here in the news these days. I was reviewing several articles this morning and came across one that really caught my attention.

Beth Modica is a former prosecutor who is being accused of having sexual intercourse with two teenaged boys. She is being charged with five felony counts and roughly 30 misdeamenor counts. She is also the estranged wife of a police chief, Paul Modica. Paul Modica is the police chief for the Spring Valley Police Department. The investigation concludes that the chief of police had no knowledge of the incidents.

Modica’s attorney, Gerard Damiani, objected to the amount of bail set at $75,000.00 and was asking the court to release Modica on her own recognizance. The assistant prosecutor serving on the case asked for a $25,000.00 bail bond amount, but County Court Judge Catherine Bartlett would here nothing of it, stating the seriousness of the charges.

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