Wayne Michael Rozenberg Exonerated of Bail Bond Scam

I recall hearing about this case several years ago. Where criminal defense attorneys and bail agents from San Bernardino were indicted because of a San Bernardino County investigation of illegal practices among the bail bond companies in the area.

Wayne Michael Rozenberg was among nearly 30 attorneys and bail bond employees facing the conspiracy charge. He was exonerated of the charge yesterday morning in court. Rozenberg’s attorney, Richard Pintal, said his client was “factually innocent.”

Floyd Tidwell, the former San Bernardino County Sheriff was also a party to this investigation and was sentenced early on in November of 2004. Danial Blayne Tidwell, owner of Boone’s Bail Bonds and son of the former sheriff is due in court on February 22, 2008, for his arraignment. He is one of approximately 15 people who originally fought the allegations and did not take a plea agreement.

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