O.J. Simpson Jailed And Bail Bond Revoked

After reviewing several articles this morning on O.J. Simpson, I find no just cause for the revocation of his bail bond.

Unfortunately, we see this to many times in the industry. The bail bond company gets cold feet and for no apparent reason they surrender the defendant. Yes, you may surrender a defendant for any reason with the return of premium monies, at least in the state California, but ultimately reflects the business practice and to some degree the ethical conduct of the bail agent.

Yale Galanter, Mr. Simpson’s attorney, should have a good argument against the prosecution in the upcoming appearance.

In conclusion, the bail bondsman involved in the transaction admitted to not being paid on the bail bond. Mr. Pereira’s motive for the surrender of the audio tape and Mr. Simpson is strictly money driven. I am sure if Mr. Pereira was paid on the bail bond during the process of Mr. Simpson’s release, things would be a little different.

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