Pre Trial Services Threaten Bail Bond Industry

Pre-trial releases are reaching staggering numbers across the state. Add bail kiosks to the equation and know we are looking at serious problems facing the bail bond industry in the State of California.

For years, the California Bail Agent’s Association has been lobbying against bad bail reform and legislation. There have been several important studies related to pre-trial release in the last decade. These studies are in favor of the taxpayer and the bail industry, but politics and bad legislation seems to always prevail.

For the first time, things are looking hopeful for the bail industry. Curt Hagman, a bail bondsman in Southern California, was elected to the California State Assembly in 2008. Not only do we have a voice now in the assembly, but it looks like Assemblyman Curt Hagman has been recognized for his leadership by being selected as Assistant Republican Leader, Republican Floor Leader, and as the Vice-chair of the Public Safety Committee for the Assembly. The very same committee that influences the bail laws of the state!!

 More good news, this past December, the California Department of Insurance asked the California Bail Agent’s Association to participate in a conference for proposed CDI legislation. This has never happened in the history of our industry and hopefully will open the door for further dialog.

The new decade has brought new challenges to the bail bond industry. As bail agents and business owners, we must step up and assist our local and state associations. This is the time to make a difference and educate our local government on the positive attributes the bail industry has in our communities.

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