Bail Bonds At North Justice Center

Since 1996 Fastrak Bail Bonds has been serving the local Orange County Criminal Courts. Our office is approximately two blocks south of the Fullerton Courthouse- North Justice Center as it’s known today.

Mrs. Alice Varner is the bail bond clerk at this location. She has provided great service over the years. When in need of her immediate assistance to post a bail bond for our clients, Mrs. Varner is always there to assist us in the utmost professional manner.

Many times, the public has a misunderstanding on when and where bail or bail bond can  be posted. This is very important to understand, so there is a clear picture on when the arrestee or inmate will be released. Read here about acca betting meaning in order to make a good bet.

If the arrestee is coming from a local police department, like the Fullerton City Jail or Anaheim City Jail, and is being arraigned, then the defendant may post bail or bail bond at the courthouse. In addition, the inmate will subsequently be released from the Fullerton Courthouse at the end of the business day.

If the arrestee is coming from the Orange County Jail for arraignment or for a subsequent appearance, then the arrestee must return to the Orange County Jail before bail or bail bond can be posted for their release.
There are several reasons for this. The arrestee is wearing a jumpsuit from the county jail, so if they make bail, they must return to the county jail to have their street clothes and personal items returned to them. Secondly, after the court appearance, the arrestee must have the new information from the court appearance updated with the county jail’s records department and have bail adjusted accordingly if applicable.

The above mentioned is not always guaranteed and things don’t always go as planned. For example, lets say  an arrestee was brought over from the Fullerton City Jail, but was not arraigned till 2:00 pm. The courtroom clerk must update the arrestee’s information in the system with a few dozen other files. Meanwhile, we have a 3:30 pm cut-off time to post the bail bond? Having mentioned the above, this type of scenario doesn’t always occur, but we must be prepared for them.

It is always recommended you speak with a legitimate and professional bail bond company when making arrangements for bail. Fastrak Bail Bonds is here to answer all your questions and concerns regarding the procedures of bail. Please contact us 24/7 at 1-800-525-5915.

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