Not All Bail Bond Companies Are The Same

I recall when I first got into the bail bond business, some 15 years ago.There were a handful of bail bond companies serving the local Orange County community. The Orange County Bail Agent’s Association didn’t exist and most bail companies kept to themselves.

As the years went by, more competition entered into the local market and with that, some unscrupulous bail agents. Unfortunately, unethical business practices of several of these bail bond companies made headline news in the Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

I always thought to myself, there is more than enough business in California. There is no reason for such misconduct and carelessness of the law. I was discouraged by the public’s stereotyping of the “bail bondsman”. Even today, clients will say, ” you’re not what I expected” or “shouldn’t you be wearing chains around your neck?”, jokingly.

Thanks to Hollywood and the select few, our profession is looked at somewhat like the plague by certain political and government entities. This has brought attention to some bad bail reform which jeopardizes our industry and livelihood. What most people don’t understand is that we, as bail agents, contribute to the criminal justice system in several important ways.

We Guarantee the defendant’s return to court to face the alleged charges. This saves the taxpayer from having to use government resources on bringing the alleged criminal back to justice if they fail to appear. Currently, there are over a hundred thousand outstanding warrants in Orange County! This will cost the local taxpayers millions of dollars to locate and prosecute these individuals.

We are an extension of your constitutional right to bail under the eighth amendment. Portions of the bail or bail bond fee are given to the arresting agency, city, and local community. Furthermore, it allows an individual to get back into the workforce and pay taxes, which keeps the economy in check.

The point I’m trying to make is not all bail bond companies are the same. There are still those who follow the rules, regulations, and continue to provide the utmost professional services available. As a consumer, you should do your homework and due diligence in finding the right bail bond service for you. Check the bail agent’s state license with the California Department of insurance. See what people are saying about the company on the web, etc..

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