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Fastrak Bail Bonds has provided local bail bond service for the Fullerton and surrounding communities since 1996. Our corporate office has been located on the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Brookdale as of 1998.

We have enjoyed getting to know the Fullerton Police Department and its staff. In addition, we have acquainted ourselves with the local court- North Justice Center. North Justice Center is probably the busiest criminal court in Orange County.
If you are a defendant or a party to an action, we recommend you give yourself ample time to arrive at court. The lines can be extremely long and getting into the building can take some time. So, if your notice to appear or bail bond indicates a specific time, please arrive a half hour to an hour earlier. This will help alleviate any last minute problems and the risk of a possible warrant being issued for your arrest.
Fastrak Bail Bonds is available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You may contact us twenty-four hours a day at 1-800-525-5915. Thank you.

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