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Tustin Bail Bonds

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Tustin bail service is available 24 hours a day. Call 714-870-7730 to speak with a bail bonds specialist and get free Tustin bail bonds information. Fastrak Bail Bonds has been serving Tustin California since 1996, helping the local community in an unexpected and difficult times. Unfortunately, the Tustin Police Department doesn’t have a permanent detention facility, so all individuals arrested within the City of Tustin are transferred to the Orange County Jail for booking, unless they are cited and released. The booking process at the Orange County Jail takes approximately three to four hours to complete, however, arrangements for bail can be made immediately through our bail bond service. Has your loved one been arrested by the Tustin Police? Call now and speak with our professional bail agents regarding your bail options.

 Tustin Bail Bonds Information

Trying to obtain arrest or booking information on a friend or loved one can be very frustrating. The Tustin Police and Orange County Jail will only provided limited information, if any, on an arrestee. This is due to privacy laws and regulations to protect the individual. However, the policing agencies and detention facilities are required to release this information to our licensed bail agents. In addition, our Orange County bail service can obtain this information at any time, day or night. No matter what time you contact our Tustin bail bonds service, we will receive the arrestee’s booking and bail information. In turn, this allows us to keep you updated and informed on the booking process. If you do decide to post bail, our bail bonds Tustin office is there to immediately assist you.

Tustin Bail Bonds and Tustin Police Department

As an authorized Tustin bail bonds provider, we communicate with the Tustin Police Department on behalf of our clients. Our bail bond service becomes a channel for communication between the arrestee and their family or friends. We understand the importance of the emergency, getting your loved one out of jail is top priority. Nothing else matters during this time of crisis and Fastrak Bail Bonds understands this very well. You can be rest assured, you will receive exceptional customer service when calling our Tustin bail bond service. In addition, you will receive our guaranteed SmartBail worry-free service. Benefits of our bail service includes:

  1. Lowest Rate Premium
  2. No Annual Renewals
  3. No Reinstatment Fees
  4. No Court Appearance Fees

Call now for a free Tustin bail bonds consultation 714-870-7730. Thank you.


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