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Newport Beach Bail Bonds

Newport Beach Bail Bonds Information

Fastrak Bail Bonds provides 24hr Newport Beach bail bonds service to the local community. Call 949-347-6944, for free bail information regarding your friend or loved being held at the Newport Beach Police Department. The Newport Beach City Jail is a type II detention facility, thus housing an arrestee until their appearance in court or until they make bail or bail bond. However, the Newport Beach Jail may transfer individuals to the Orange County Jail if the facility is at full capacity or under other prevailing circumstances. If a detained person is transferred to the Orange County Jail, the release time will increase substantially. There is a three to four hour booking process once a person arrives at the county jail. In addition, it takes approximately four to six hour to release someone once bail or bail bonds have been posted. Unfortunately, our Newport Beach bail bonds service has no control over the release process and we can’t guarantee how fast the county jail will release your friend or loved one. What our bail bond services can control, is how fast we post the bail bond once someone has been fully booked into the Orange County Jail. Therefore, if you want to avoid such a delay, it’s best to make arrangements and post bail at the Newport Beach City Jail. Generally, the release time at this location is between 30 minutes to an hour and bail may be posted 24 hours a day by an authorized bail bondsman.

Newport Beach Bail Bonds | Local Since 1996

As an authorized Orange County bail service, Fastrak Bail Bonds is very much aware of the policies and procedures at the Newport Beach Police Department. We have helped hundreds of people in their release from this local police station. Our friendly and experienced Newport Beach bail bonds service understands the urgency during this time of emergency, and we pride ourselves in providing the best quality of service to the local community. Similar Newport Beach bail companies can’t come close to our SmartBail worry-free service. A guaranteed service which includes the following:

  • No Annual Renewal Premiums
  • No Reinstatement Fees
  • No Court Appearance Fees
  • Lowest Rate Premium

The above mentioned are just a few examples of our guaranteed local service. We also offer complimentary court appearances to the Harbor Justice Center, Orange County Superior Court and free court filings for bail hearings. For a reliable and trustworthy bail bond service, call 949-347-6944.

Newport Beach Bail Bonds |  NBPD Service

The Newport Beach Police Department is located at: 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, California 92660. The lobby hours are 8am to 6pm everyday and the front desk telephone number is 949-644-3672. Our central Orange County bail office is conveniently located 10 minutes from this location, allowing immediate emergency bail service 24 hours a day. When calling for bail information, please provide the arrestee’s full name and date of birth so we may obtain the correct booking information for bail. We will then inform you of the release process, up to the time your friend or loved one is released from custody. Remember, we are here to help, so don’t hesitate in contacting our Newport Beach bail bonds service for assistance. Thank you.


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