Costa Mesa Bail Bonds

Costa Mesa Bail Bonds

Costa Mesa Bail Bonds Information

Call 949-347-6944 for discreet bail service to the Costa Mesa, CA community. 24 hour Costa Mesa bail bonds information and service is available through our professional bail bonds agents. The Costa Mesa Police is located at: 99 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, California 92626. A type 1 detention facility, the Costa Mesa City Jail may house arrestees up to 48 hours before they are sent to court or transferred to the Orange County Jail for permanent housing. However, female inmates are usually transferred to the OC Jail within several hours of an arrest. In addition, The Costa Mesa Police may transport arrestees several times a day depending on the Costa Mesa Jail’s available capacity and other underlying circumstances.

Our Costa Mesa bail service is not limited to the normal daily business hours of the Costa Mesa Police Department. Thus, bail bonds may be posted at this detention facility 24 hours a day through our Costa Mesa bail bonds service. It generally takes several hours to book and process an individual for bail. Meanwhile, arrangements can be made to have your friend or loved one released by completing the required bail bonds documents. Once the paperwork has been completed and the arrestee is cleared for bail, the bail bond will be posted and the arrestee will be released with 30 minutes to an hour.

Costa Mesa Bail Bonds Options

There are several options available when seeking to post bail within the City of Costa Mesa. As previously mentioned, the most expedient release option is to post bail at the Costa Mesa Police Department. This will avoid an approximate 12 hour delay in releasing someone from the Orange County Jail, if the arrestee has been transferred there. Your second option is to post bail at the Orange County jail or wait until the individual appears in court for their arraignment. However, an arrestee can be held up to 72 hours before they are seen by a judge, excluding weekends and holidays! Sometimes this is the only option when bail is set to high for an arrestee, hoping that the judge will reduce bail once the arrestee has been seen by the court. These circumstances can depend on the financial status and timing of the co-signer trying to make bail for the arrestee. You may also visit an arrestee at the Costa Mesa Police Monday through Friday 5PM-7PM, and Sunday 3PM-5PM. Please contact our Costa Mesa bail bonds service for a complimentary Orange County bail consultation at 949-347-6944.

Costa Mesa Bail Bonds Service

As an authorized bail bond company in Orange County, Fastrak Bail Bonds works tirelessly around the clock to bring the utmost professional bail bonds service to the Costas Mesa community. We work closely with the Costa Mesa Police Department and surrounding detention facilities to insure the best communication between all parties. Getting your loved one released from jail as fast as possible is our priority, understanding the urgency of the situation. This makes our Costa Mesa bail bonds service second to none. If you are in need of a fast and reliable bail bonds service in Costa Mesa, Orange County  CA, then call us today for free bail information.




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