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Was your loved one arrested by the Buena Park Police? Call 714-870-7730 for 24hr Buena Park bail bonds service. Our professional bail bonds staff is available to assist you in the release of a friend or loved one at any time, day or night. The Buena Park City Jail is a division of the Buena Park Police Department. The Buena Park Jail is a type II detention facility, thus people arrested in the City of Buena Park are booked and housed at this location. The local community relies on a fast local service when the unexpected occurs. Our friendly and professional bail agents are here to help, no matter what the circumstances may be. Fastrak Bail Bonds is your trusted name for Buena Park bail bonds, our office is located minutes from the jail facility, getting your friend or loved one out quickly.

Buena Park Bail Bonds | Bail Process

The arrestee has several options once they have been booked and processed. They can remain in custody until seen by a judge at the North Justice Center, or post bail through an accredited bail bondsman like Fastrak Bail Bonds. Unfortunately, an arrestee may be held up to seventy-two (72) hours before they are arraigned by the court. This can be quite difficult for most, especially if they have other obligations and responsibilities to attend to. Thus, our Buena Park bail service allows an  individual to continue with their daily lifestyle while awaiting for their court appearance. However, this decision is usually made by a friend or family member on the arrestees behalf due to the limited access by the arrestee. So, you can see how an arrest effects other parties as well, not just the defendant. Once our Buena Park bail bonds service is contacted, we will obtain the required information from the Buna Park Jail and have your friend or loved one released in approximately an hour. In addition, the co-signer to the bail bond will be responsible for the total amount of bail posted. As long as the defendant appears in court, the total amount of bail will never be paid. The only out of pocket expense is the eight to ten percent premium due at the time of service. Remember, California bail bonds are “appearance bonds”, guaranteeing the defendant’s appearance in court and until the case is resolved. Once the case is resolved, regardless if the defendant is found guilty, not guilty, or the case is dismissed, the bail bond will be exonerated by the court. The bond exoneration relieves all parties from any further obligation to the total amount of the bail bond.

Buena Park Bail Bonds at Buena Park Jail

The Buena Park Jail is located at 6640 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, California 90622. Fastrak Bail Bonds provides 24 hour Buena Park bail bonds service to the this location. Our north Orange County bail office is located approximately 3 miles from this location, allowing quick and affordable bail bonds services to the Buena Park community. We pride ourselves as the local bail bond company, willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Benefits of our Smartbail worry-free service include:

  • mobile bail bonds service
  • bail by fax/phone
  • complimentary court appearances
  • no annual renewal premiums

Similar bail bonds companies can’t compete with our SmartBail worry-free service, assuring you the best quality of bail service in the industry. Do you need help with someone held at the Buena Park Jail? If you do, call the most reliable and trustworthy Buena Park bail bonds company at 714-870-7730. Thank you.



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