Anaheim Hills Bail Bonds

Anaheim Hills Bail Bonds

Anaheim Hills Bail Bonds Information

24 hour Anaheim Hills bail bonds service at 714-870-7730. Immediate local assistance to the Anaheim City Jail, Orange County Jail, and surrounding community police departments. The Anaheim Police Department has several substations located throughout the City of Anaheim. However, individuals suspected of committing a crime are booked and housed at the Anaheim Jail. The Anaheim City Jail is located at: 425 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, California 92805. The entrance to the jail can be found in the rear of the building, located on the south-west side of the Anaheim Police Department. If you park in front of the police station, you will walk south on Harbor Boulevard (towards Disneyland) for about 100 feet until you get to Santa Ana Street. There you will make a right and walk for about 100 feet where you see the entrance to the jail. Press the intercom button and someone in the jail will assist you. This is the location where a bail agent can post a bail bond 24 hours a day  and where visitors may see the arrestees. Please check  for visiting hours with the front desk or call our Anaheim Hills bail bonds service for free jail or bail bonds information.

Anaheim Hills Bail Bonds | Reliable Bail Service

Once a friend or loved one is booked and processed, your next step is to decide whether to post bail or bail bonds for their release. Once you have decided to post bail, you will want to get a hold of a reliable and trustworthy bail bond company. A bail bonds Anaheim company who deals with and understands the Anaheim Police Department’s policies. Fastrak Bail Bonds is that company! We have helped more people post bail out of the Anaheim City jail than all of our competitors combined. Since 1996, our Orange County bail service is recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Similar Anaheim Hills or Anaheim Hills bail bonds competitors don’t come close to our SmartBail worry-free service. We developed the SmartBail worry-free service for an easy and guaranteed way of doing business. Some of the featured benefits are:

  • No Annual Renewal Premium
  • No Reinstatement Fee
  • No Court Appearance Fee
  • No Interest (if applicable)

Do you have a loved one arrested by the Anaheim Police? Have a warrant?  Call now and speak with a licensed bail agent 24 hours a day, free bail information at 714-870-7730.

Anaheim Hills Bail Bonds | Local Bail Providers

Many claim to be local bail providers to Anaheim Hills residence, however most are not! Don’t fall for any false advertising displayed over the internet or print AD. There are hundreds of California bail bonds companies, but make sure the Anaheim Hills bail bonds company you are contacting has a local telephone number and local address. Too many list fake addresses, tricking the consumer to use their bail services, only to have you wait upon them frustrated and hopeless. Our north Orange County office is exactly 3.3 miles from the Anaheim jail, that’s five minutes away, allowing quick and easy Anaheim Hills bail bonds service 24 hours a day. We also offer complimentary mobile bail bonds service if you are unable to come to our office or jail. If it’s late night, no worries, we will accommodate you by phone or fax as well! If you have a friend or a loved one detained at the Anaheim City Jail, call Fastrak Bail Bonds, the professional choice for bail.


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