Bail Bond Services At Orange County Jail

The Orange County Jail is located at 550 North Flower Street, Santa Ana, California. The facility houses male and female inmates. Several other detention facilities of the Orange County Jail are the Theo Lacy facility in the city of Orange, across from “The Block” of Orange, and the James A. Musick facility in the city of Irvine.

Bail or bail bond can be posted twenty-four hours a day with the cashier located just beyond the front lobby. The Theo Lacy facility will only accept the posting of bail or bail bond till 2 a.m.. Thereafter, bail can only be posted with the Orange County Jail in Santa Ana. Generally, bail or bail bonds for the James A. Musick facility is posted at the Orange County Jail as well. Proper identification is required by the public and bail agent.

In recent years, the City of Santa Ana has issued permits for sidewalk solicitation by bail bond companies. Unfortunately, these individuals are not properly trained or licensed by the state to transact in the posting of bail.

In addition, the solicitors are harassing the public when visiting family or friends at the Orange County Jail. They also attempt to earn your business by quoting illegal rates to get you in the door; the LOWEST legal rate in the State of California is eight percent (8%). Beware of such unethical practices, its not worth it. The Orange County Bail Agent’s Association is comprised of licensed bail agents who are trying to put an end to this.

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