Stanton Bail Bonds

Stanton Bail Bonds

Stanton Bail Bonds Information

Fastrak Bail Bonds is a 24 hour bail provider for the Stanton California community. Free Stanton bail bonds info at (714)870-7730, our local bail office. The City of Stanton contracts with the Orange County Sheriff ‘s Department for their law enforcement needs. The Stanton Police Services is located at 11100 Cedar Street, Stanton, California 90680 and telephone number (714)889-7866. The Stanton sheriff’s substation is not a permanent detention facility, thus all arrestees are taken to the Orange County Jail for processing and booking. The booking process takes approximately three to five hours before our local bail agents can post bail for your friend or loved one. However, arrangements can be made for posting bail during this delayed period of time by speaking with our Orange County bail staff at (714)870-7730.

Stanton Bail Bonds | Local Bail Since 1996

Authorized to write bail bonds in the City of Stanton since 1996, Fastrak Bail Bonds and its bail bond agents know what it takes in providing exceptional bail bonds services to this small Orange County community. Our bond professionals covering the Stanton bail bonds area have worked many years with the local law enforcement and courthouse, thus we are experienced with their policies, avoiding any delays or obstacles in having your loved one released as quickly as possible. In fact, our Stanton California bail service was established by Michael Fidelis, the owner of Fastrak Bail Bonds and a native of the Stanton community. Michael attended the Carver Elementary School as a child and went to Rancho Alamitos High School where he graduated from. He and his family still live in their Stanton California home today where Michael volunteers a portion of his time and is recognized as the bail bondsman of choice in the local community.

The Stanton Bail Bonds Guarantee

As your preferred Stanton bail bonds company, we believe in providing the best quality of service and prices in the commercial bail industry. This has lead us to develop our SmartBail worry-free service. The SmartBail worry-free service was not only developed to achieve the best pricing of a bail bond, but to also relieve any additional stress in the consumers search for a reliable and trustworthy bail bond company. It is difficult enough in dealing with the arrest of a friend or loved one, you shouldn’t have to stress if you made the right choice in choosing the bail bond company. Below are some benefits of our Smartbail worry-free service:

  • Lowest Bail Bonds Fee
  • No Yearly Bail Bonds Fee
  • No Bail Bonds Reinstatement Fee
  • No Bail Bonds Interest Fee

You can’t go wrong with the benefits of our Stanton bail bonds service, something no other competitor offers or guarantees. Please contact us for free bail information or questions regarding the bail bond process (714)870-7730. Thank you.



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