Fountain Valley Bail Bonds

Fountain Valley Bail Bonds

Fountain Valley Bail Bonds Information

Fastrak Bail Bonds provides 24/7 bail bonds service to the Fountain Valley, California community. Local Fountain Valley bail bonds info at 714-870-7730, a licensed bail agent is standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding the bail bonds process or for immediate assistance in the release of your friend or loved one. The Fountain Valley Police Department is not equipped with a permanent holding facility, therefore all arrests made by the Fountain Valley Police are booked and processed at the Orange County Jail. An arrestee may post bail or bail bond once they have been completely processed at the OC jail, however it may take two to four hours before the inmate is booked and ready to post bail. Meanwhile, our professional bail bonds service will assist you in completing the required documents for the posting of the bail bond.

Fountain Valley Bail Bonds | Local Bail Company

Since 1996, we have helped more people in the City of Fountain Valley then any other bail bond company. As your trusted bail provider, we understand your need for a reliable and trustworthy Fountain Valley bail bonds service. It doesn’t matter what time you call us, our experienced Orange County bail company knows what’s necessary in expediting the release of your friend or loved one. Upon contacting our local bail bonds service, we will explain all available options in obtaining the release of the arrestee. We will also keep you informed throughout the entire release process, relieving any unnecessary stress in this difficult time. Please remember to have the complete name and date of birth of the individual arrested when calling, this will help us in obtaining the required information for posting bail. Have a warrant? No problem, we offer warrant relief service as well!

Fountain Valley Bail Bonds | SmartBail Worry-Free Service

As an authorized Orange County bail bonds company, our SmartBail worry-free service takes the guessing out of choosing the right bail bond company. Why pay more? With no annual renewal premiums and lowest price premium guarantee, you couldn’t make a better choice. In fact, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for our comprehensive savings program. Below are just a few reasons why our Fountain Valley bail bonds service is second to none:

1. Lowest Price Premium

2. No Annual Price Premium

3. No Reinstatement Charge

4. No Bail Bond Expiration

These are just a few benefits of our Orange County bail bonds service, when calling, ask about our 20% off for AARP member, union members, military personnel, and attorney referrals. For further information regarding our bail bonds service please call us at 714-870-7730. Thank you.

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