San Diego County Bail Schedule

The San Diego County Bail Schedule is comprised of felony and misdemeanor offenses that correspond with the amount of bail for the alleged crime or offense. The Bail & Jail Committee of The Superior Court of California, San Diego  is responsible for approval or any adjustments to the bail schedule every year pursuant to California Penal Code Section 1269b.The Bail & Jail Committee of  The Superior Court is made up of San Diego Superior Court Judges, with the Honorable Frederick Maguire as chairman.
In instances where the arresting peace officer finds “reasonable cause” for the arrestee to have a higher bail amount than that provided in the bail schedule , the peace officer must prepare a declaration under penalty of perjury (PC 1269c) setting forth the facts and circumstances in support of a higher bail amount. This places the burden on the law enforcement agencies to notify the judge if the scheduled bail is not adequate for the crime.
Regardless of the above mentioned, it is your constitutional right (eighth amendment) to non-excessive bail. Someone arrested and detained for a criminal violation(s) of the law has the right to post bail or bail bond during this time. Capital crimes like murder with special circumstances would be an exception to the law.
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