Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona Federally Indicted

Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona was indicted by the federal government today for abusing the Sheriff’s office for financial gain.

The seven felony counts for using his elected office to “enrich” himself and offer “favors to friends who paid bribes.” Carona illegally accepted money, high-priced gifts, tickets to exclusive sporting events and loans for his wife and for his “longtime mistress,” the indictment said.

Carona’s wife, Debbie Carona, and a Newport Beach attorney, Debra Hoffman, are both included in the indictment. Debra Hoffman is supposedly Mike Carona’s mistress.

Carona’s two top former aides, George Jaramillo, 47, and Don Haidl, 56, reached separate agreements with the government, pleading guilty to federal charges in exchange for their cooperation in building the case against Carona.

Mike Corona and his wife during a press conference denied all allegations and feel they will be vindicated.

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