OC Sheriff's Race Takes A Twist

With the Orange County’s Sheriff’s election around the corner, I have been paying close attention to news posts made by authors-commentators to Red County, a local conservative political website.

I never paid attention to how dirty politics can be until I became in favor of Mr. Bill Hunt, a candidate for sheriff. It is interesting to see how influenced individuals become. Their posts or stories are completely biased towards one figure. You can’t help but think that there is a underlying motive and motivator for their opinion?

For example, the OCGOP had endorsed Craig Hunter, another candidate for sheriff. Mr. Hunter came into the picture to run against the incumbent Sheriff Hutchens and Bill Hunt sometime this past October. JL “Buzz” Aguirre post of May 23, 2010 on Red County states: Baugh Initiative Hunter’s KOD, Hutchens Wins! Buzz continues to say that Mr. Baugh questions Mr. Hunters’ commitment to the race? Now, Mr. Scott Baugh is Orange County’s GOP chairman, so he would be considered a “player” in local politics. I also picked up some information from who is craig hunter dot com, these guys have mapped out the conspiracy within the politics!

In my opinion, it seems obvious certain political “players” are backpedaling at this point by discounting Craig Hunter and now endorsing Sandra Hutchens. It will be interesting enough this coming June 8, 2010, will we have a new sheriff in town, a run-off for November, or a stagnant incumbent sheriff?

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