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Lake Forest Bail Bonds

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Do you have a friend or loved one arrested in Lake Forest California? Free bail information and 24hr Lake Forest bail bonds service at 949-347-6944. Bail or bail bonds are available for individuals arrested within the City of Lake Forest. People detained by the Orange County Sheriff’s will have the option to post bail once they are booked and processed at the Orange County Jail. This time consuming (3 to 4 hours) process may leave individuals feeling helpless while trying to get their loved one out of jail. However, our local bail bondsman will assist you in obtaining the information needed in expediting your loved ones release.

Several factors will play a role in setting bail for the detained individual. The detainees prior arrest history (if any) and current alleged criminal charges will be assessed by using the uniform bail schedule for Orange County, CA. Bail will be set accordingly and the detainee will have the option to post bail at the predetermined bail amount. If the arrestee makes bail, they can expect a release time of approximately six hours. This time frame is determined by the jail staff and is only an estimated time of release, sometimes taking up to 8 hours for an inmate’s release. Unfortunately, our Lake Forest bail  service has no control over the release time of an arrestee, we can only keep you updated and informed as to the release process.

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Bail bond companies and bail agents are licensed through the California Department of Insurance, and like most types of insurance lines, are required to charge a minimum fee or premium. In addition, this is a highly competitive industry, which unfortunately brings with it illegal rate cutting and unethical conduct by many bail bonds companies. Don’t fall victim to advertisement of low cost bail, only to find out otherwise when its too late. Bail bondsman and their respective bail companies are required to display their filed rates with the California Department of Insurance in their office. If you are conducting business with a Lake Forest bail company, make sure their filed rates are displayed or ask for a copy of the rates. Generally speaking, the rate premium in California is ten percent (10%) of the total bail amount, however you may obtain a rate as low as eight percent (8%) with certain requirements. Please contact our Lake Forest bonds service for more information regarding rates of premium at 949-347-6944.

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As an authorized Lake Forest bail bonds service, Fastrak Bail Bonds is dedicated in serving this south Orange County community around the clock. Since 1996, we have helped many individuals in their release from jail. Our trusted bail service is an example of clients satisfaction of our bail services. We are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for trustworthiness and reliability, making your choice of a bail bonds company simple to make. Please contact our Lake Forest bail service for free bail information and/or immediate bail bonds service to the Orange County Jail or surrounding detention facilities.


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