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Laguna Hills Bail Bonds

Laguna Hills Bail Bonds Information

Complimentary Laguna Hills bail bonds information and 24 hour bail bond services at 949-347-6944. Law enforcement services is provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for the City of Laguna Hills, CA. Thus, persons arrested within the city of Laguna Hills are transported to the Orange County Jail for processing. Once processed, an individual will have the opportunity to post bail through a family member or friend. The family member or friend will first have to obtain the correct booking information from the Orange County Jail and due to privacy issues, limited information will be provided to the caller. However, by contacting our professional bail agents, you will be assured prompt and accurate bail information regarding your friend or loved one in custody. This will also save you much time and unwanted stress.

Laguna Hills | Bail Options

In Orange County, you have several bail options for the release of your loved one. In addition, these bail options may depend on the financial capability and credit worthiness of the one posting bail for the arrestee. Other factors and or circumstances for the ability to post bail may be the time of day or day of week in which you have decided to post bail. Please don’t hesitate in calling our Laguna Hills bail bonds service for a further explanation of your bail options. Below are several options in posting bail in Orange County, CA:

  1.  Cash Bail – The Orange County Jail will accept a personal check up to $7,500.00. However, the person’s information on the check and their valid identification card MUST match. The Orange County Jail will also accept a bank check or cashier’s check in any amount above $7,500.00.
  2. Bail Bonds – The Orange County Jail will accept any amount of bail in the form of a bail bond by an accredited bail bonds company. This option is most convenient and used widely by the public due to financial restrictions in option 1. The bail bonds option also requires a non-refundable premium of 10% to the bail bonds company and a contract. The contract binds the co-signer to the bond amount until the case is completed by the arrestee. Once the arrestee (defendant) has completed all court appearances in respects to their case, the bail bond will be exonerated by the court, relieving all parties from the bond obligation.

Bail Bonds | Guaranteed Service

As an authorized Laguna Hills bail provider, Fastrak Bail Bonds has helped many locals in a time of unexpected circumstances. We understand your crisis first-hand and that is why we work diligently around the clock. Since 1996, our Laguna Hills bail bonds service is known for its quick response and effective bail bond services. No other Orange County bail company can claim such service! We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for trustworthiness and reliability, guaranteeing our service and rates. Our Laguna Hills bail bonds office is here to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call and speak with our friendly bail bondsman at 949-347-6944, get the answers and service you deserve.


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