Jay Ambrose is Pathetic

In today’s Orange County Register, Jay Ambrose, a syndicated columnist writes with the title “Israeli Flotilla Raid Was Justified.” This comes after the Israeli military stormed several ships carrying much needed supplies to the Gaza Strip, killing approximately 10 people and wounding dozens.

Not only do I find his story offensive, but alarming and disgusting. It’s no secret that Israel is in complete defiance of U.N. Resolutions and commits criminal atrocities on a daily basis in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The U.N. and the United States IGNORE Israel’s illegal activities and slaying of innocent people every day!

In the recent attack on the flotilla ships, the Israeli military raided these ships 70 miles offshore in international waters. Eye witnesses on the ship Mavi Marmara said they were shot at as the Israeli soldiers descended upon them. The passengers and protesters aboard the ships protected themselves with wooden sticks, far less effective than the automated arsenal used by the Israeli commandos. Obviously, Israels story is to the contrary, stating the commandos were attacked with knives, clubs, etc.. The aftermath clearly indicates who had the lethal capabilities.

The U.N. Charter on the law of the sea says only if a vessel is suspected of carrying weapons may it be boarded in international waters. These ships were bring humanitarian aid to people in desperate need of the supplies. They didn’t find any WMD’s did they? I guess former President George Bush isn’t around to make that claim!

The Israeli Defense Ministry claims the commandos acted is self-defense? Who are we kidding! These organized terrorists assaulted the ships with deadly force. The people on board had no chance of defense against the assailants.

As an American, I feel somewhat responsible for the chaos. We know how to preach our “liberties” and “freedoms” to the world, yet we stand by and watch these horrific events? Your right Mr. Ambrose, this isn’t about humanitarian supplies, but rather on how the Israeli government continues to suppress, and murder innocent people while big brother looks on, now that’s pathetic.

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