Dog The Bounty Hunter To Help Joe Francis

Joe Francis, is best known as the founder and CEO of the Girls Gone Wild videos and in recent times, has found himself in trouble with the civil and criminal court systems.

Francis has been behind bars for the last six months without bail for a case dating back to 2003. The case stems from the Panama City officials trying to block filming of his videos. After a successful First Amendment lawsuit filed by Joe Francis, the Panama City officials backed down. Joe Francis’ website claims the officials of Panama City, Florida, are enraged and seeking vengeance.

After watching a jailhouse interview with Joe Francis on Fox News’, Duane “Dog” Chapman believes that Francis has been mistreated by the Florida Legal System. Chapman, has a reality TV series “Dog The Bounty Hunter”. Chapman’s argument is that he has seen many people released on more severe charges and there should be no reason why Joe Francis should not be able to post a bail bond.

Chapman has even offered to co-sign on Joe Francis’ bail bond after contacting him at the Washoe County Jail in Reno, Nevada.

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