Client Charged In Over-Billing Scheme

The Orange County Register reported a story yesterday about chiropractors, and an attorney who are charged in an over-billing scheme. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office confirmed this was an undercover sting operation targeting insurance over-billing by these establishments.

 My client was one of the individuals arrested during the sting operation.  Yesterday afternoon while he raised the garage door at his home, several squad cars raced up the drive way. He was shocked by the unnecessary and aggressive arresting tactics of the arresting officers, this man has never been arrested before! Soon thereafter, he was taken to an unknown location for questioning and then processed and booked  in the Orange County Jail. His bail amount was set at $30,000.00 for “false or fraudulent insurance claim”, pursuant to California Penal Code Section 550(B)(2).

Once we received the call from his criminal defense attorney, we made our way to the Orange County Jail and had our client’s bail bond posted. The client was released sometime just after midnight.

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