Cash Bail Gone Wrong

Norman Hsu, a Democratic Fundraiser has been in the news these last couple of months on fraud charges stemming from 15 years ago. Supposedly, Mr. Hsu received monies from several families for the democratic party illegally?

When arrested last month, Mr. Norman Hsu posted cash bail in the amount of $2,000,000.00. The prosecution is now saying that Mr. Hsu missed a September 5, 2007, court appearance and the court forfeited his bail.

At the present time, Mr. Norman Hsu is sitting in jail and the district attorney’s office is trying hold the 2 million dollars to somehow compensate the families for their loss. The state law holds that such defendant is entitled to recovering the money if he appears within 180 days, no matter the circumstances.

Regardless, we can obviously see how the criminal court system can take advantage of a cash bail situation. Things could of been much different if Mr. Norman Hsu has posted a bail bond instead.

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