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Brea Bail Bonds

Brea Bail Bonds|24 Hour Bail Service

Fastrak Bail Bonds is a local bail provider to the Brea, CA community. 24/7 Brea bail bonds info 714-870-7730, our bail bonds service is located a few minutes from the Brea City Jail and Brea Police Department. The jailer and records staff of the Brea Police are very accommodating when having to respond to a client wishing to post a bail bond. Depending on the circumstances, most arrestees are released within thirty minutes to an hour once bail or bail bonds have been posted. Furthermore, as licensed bail agents, we are not limited to the departments public hours of operation. Thus, providing 24 hour bail bonds service to the City of Brea and all north Orange County communities. The Brea Police Department also provides policing services for City of Yorba Linda. People detained for an alleged crime in the City of Yorba Linda are also processed at the Brea Police Department and eventually taken to the Orange County Jail.

Brea Bail Bonds|Timely Response Required

Unlike the Fullerton Police Department, the Brea Police Department (Brea Jail) is a minimum holding facility and requires all arrestees to be transferred to the Orange County Jail for complete booking unless the arrestee is cited and released or bail/bail bond is posted in a timely manner. This can create a problem for those wishing to post bail right away. If you choose not to use a local Brea bail bonds company and there is lack of communication or little urgency to act quickly, the arrestee will be transferred and cause delays in the release of your friend or loved one. Once the arrestee leaves the Brea jail, they will be transported to the OC Jail where the booking process will begin.

The Orange County Jail’s booking process can be time consuming, delaying the arrestee’s release for up to 8-12 hours once a bail bond has been posted. The booking process can take some time, about 3 to 4 hours. The arrestee will have to be fingerprinted, searched, personal property checked in, and wait their turn as many others are being booked in at the same time. So, you can see why a timely and dependable bail bonds service is important. Don’t waste time on a bail bonds company perceived to be a similar Brea bail service! Call our local Brea bail office and speak to a qualified bail bondman who is ready to assist you.

Brea Police and Brea Bail Bonds

The Brea Police Department is located at 1 Civic Center Circle, Brea, California 92821 and telephone number is (714) 990-7625. The hours of operation for the public is as follows: Mon. through Fri. 7am-7pm, Sat. 8am-2pm, Sunday & Holidays- Closed. As previously mentioned, the Brea Jail is extremely helpful in assisting an individual’s release from custody when needing Brea bail bonds. We are a Brea bail bonds company located several miles from their location and are very familiar with the Brea Police Department’s policy and procedure. Please feel free in contacting our Orange County bail service with any bail related questions. Thank you.


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