Bill Hunt- Man of Integrity

I wanted to update my blog followers with the current election news for Orange County Sheriff. During the last week, many “hit pieces” have gone out to portray Mr. Bill Hunt as an unethical and poor candidate for OC Sheriff. The “establishment” and the like have attempted to smear his character by involving his current profession as an investigator. In fact, certain police association have pulled their endorsements since.

 What I can’t understand is that these organizations knew Mr. Hunt’s profession prior to their endorsements? Mr. Bill Hunt is simply doing his job to provide for his family. I know many Sheriff’s deputies that have gone into the private eye business and bail bond business upon leaving the Sheriff’s department. The two businesses have a connection to the individuals previous law enforcement experiences. As an investigator, Mr.Bill Hunt has to deal with defense counsel, bail bond companies, defendant’s, etc… He is hired on to gather the facts about the case and provide his findings to the court. What is so unethical about that!

I wrote in a previous blog post on how the general public has a tendency to stereotype the “bail bondsdman” in a negative way because of the profession in general and bad news coverage. What people don’t see is that we are an important link to the criminal justice system, we guarantee the return of the defendant  to face the alleged charges in court. It is your constitutional right pursuant the eighth amendment! How would you like that taken away from you? Your rights are currently being threatened and Mr. Bill Hunt has pledged to protect these rights as Sheriff of Orange County.

Yesterday, I listened in to radio station KUCI with host Cameron Jackson. Mr. Jackson had Bill Hunt on for about hour talking about his campaign and candidacy for Sheriff. As I listened in, Mr. Hunt mentioned the various problems we are facing locally and he proceeds to mention the dirty politics that are being playing out against him. He even goes on to mention the importance of the bail bond industry in the criminal justice system..

Bill Hunt is a straight up guy! How many people running for office do you think would mention bail bondsman or bail bond companies to begin with on live radio? The incumbent sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, has attacked him as an advocate of  the “bail bond industry”. Our industry doesn’t owe Mr. Bill Hunt anything, but he supports a system that he believes in.

Mr. Bill Hunt is a man of integrity. His rise to popularity is an example of his sincere and traditional beliefs to uphold our constitutional rights. He is gaining many supporters daily while the competition is scattering to find and lay out the next cheap shot.

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