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Fastrak Bail Bonds provides 24 hour Santa Ana bail bonds information and service. Call 714-870-7730 for immediate bail bond service to the Santa Ana Jail and Orange County Jail. Arrests made by the  Santa Ana Police Department are booked and processed at this police station. However, The Santa Ana Police Department contracts with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and an arrestee will soon be transferred to the Orange County Jail for permanent housing.

Bail or bail bonds may be posted at the Santa Ana Jail, but must be done quickly before the arrestee is transferred to the central jail, the Orange County Jail. The OC Jail is the largest detention facility in Orange County, California. Thus, there will be a substantial time delay in the release of the arrestee from this facility if bail or bail bonds are not posted timely at the Santa Ana Jail. The only good thing about the two detention facilities is that they are both located in Santa Ana and are right across the street from each, avoiding the need to drive to another location. For further bail information, please contact our Santa Ana bail bonds office at 714-870-7730.

Santa Ana Bail Information | Jail Facilities

The Santa Ana Police Department is located at 60 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, California 92701. Inquiries regarding an arrestee can be made by calling 714-245-8100. However, due to a person’s right to privacy, little to no information can be obtained by contacting the Santa Ana Jail. To expedite the information needed to make bail, it’s best to contact our Santa Ana bail bond office and speak to our local bail bondsman on staff. Our friendly bail agent will obtain the necessary information for you, avoiding any stress and frustration you might experience.

As previously mentioned, the Orange County Jail is located across the street from the Santa Ana Jail and its address is 550 North Flower Street, Santa Ana, California 92703. You may also contact the Orange County Jail at 714-647-4666 for inmate information, but once again, limited information is provided to the public due to privacy reasons.

If you are planning to visit an arrestee at anyone one of these two jail facilities, its best that you understand the requirements and policies for placing a visit. This will prevent you from wasting time and being declined from seeing your loved one. The two jail facilities also have different requirements and visiting hours for the public. Below you will find the required information for placing a visit, but please note that our Orange County bail service is not responsible for any changes to this information:

Santa Ana Jail visiting hours are:Santa Ana Bail Bonds

Monday – Friday
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Lobby Closed
11:30a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m

  • Adult visitors must sign in at the Santa Ana Jail Front Lobby prior to any visits. Visits are on a “first come/first served” basis.
  • Visitors must be over the age of 18. An adult must accompany minors 17 years of age or under.
  • All visitors should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the visit.
  • Visitors for inmates housed in Administrative Segregation must check in at least 30 minutes prior to visit.
  • Visitors will be required to produce a valid government issued form of picture identification.
  • A maximum of three adult visitors are allowed per visit. A maximum of 5 visitors in any minor/adult combination are allowed per visit.
  • Inmates may have 2 one-hour visits each week.
  • Visits will not be allowed when an inmate is scheduled for court. Visits may resume after court appearances.
  • Visitors must dress appropriately or they will not be admitted into the visiting area.
  • Lewd conduct or inappropriate behavior by visitors or inmates will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of visiting privileges.
  • Children must be controlled and cannot be left unattended at any time.
  • All personal items ie. cell phones, car keys, cannot be taken to visiting. Lockers are available for .25 cents.

Dress Code – Public and Professional

The following are allowed with restrictions:

  • Shorts – No higher than 3 inches from the knee. Professional visitors will not be allowed to wear shorts during contact visits.
  • Skirts – No higher than 3 inches from the knee.

The following are prohibited to wear during personal visits:

  • Sundresses
  • Halter tops
  • Bathing Suits
  • See-through clothing
  • Crop tops
  • Low-cut blouses or dresses
  • Miniskirts
  • Backless Tops/Dresses
  • Sleeveless Garments
  • Hats, Caps, Beanies, or Du-rags
  • Sunglasses (vision impaired exception)
  • Dresses or Skirts with slit opening(s) extending 3 inches above the knee in the back, front, or side
  • Any clothing that looks like inmate clothing
  • Any other clothing that is deemed provocative, revealing or unsuitable for order and security


Orange County Jail visiting hours are:

Visiting Hours:

General population
Friday through Sunday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Last sign-up to visit is at 5:00 P.M. All visiting times are subject to change without notice.

Module J (Protective Custody)
Friday through Sunday 9:00 A.M., 2:00 P.M. and 3:00 P.M.

Module J R-3
Friday through Sunday 9:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M.

Module J (Total Separation)
Friday through Sunday 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Module N
Friday through Sunday, Males 9:00 A.M., 1:00 P.M., 3:00 P.M., and 5 P.M.
Females 8:00 A.M., 10:00 A.M. 12:00 P.M., and 2:00 P.M.


Inmates at the Intake/Release Center
and the Central Men’s Jail
receive their meals from 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
and 4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. daily,
and no visits are offered at these times.

  • Inmates are allowed one visit per visiting day.
  • Visits are limited to two persons and one child under 5 years of age.
  • Visits are on a first come/first served basis
  • We strongly urge visitors to coordinate their visits with their loved ones so as to avoid a situation where two visitors show up (at different times) to visit the same inmate. One of the visitors will be turned away as inmates are only allowed one visit per day.
  • Visitors are required to show Identification prior to a visit. Only government issued ID’s are accepted (Driver’s License, Identification Card, Passport, Consular card, etc.)

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Fastrak Bail Bonds has been dedicated to the Santa Ana community and the County of Orange since 1996. Our professional staff of bail agents deal with the local courts, jails, and police departments on a regular daily basis, providing you with the most reliable and trustworthy Santa Ana bail bonds service in the industry. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, insuring you made the right decision in choosing us to do business with. Please understand, you are not alone in this time of crisis, our friendly and courteous staff is here to help you get through this difficult time. Please call our Santa Ana bail bonds service for a free consultation, we would like nothing more than to reunite you with your loved one.


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