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Fastrak Bail Bonds provides 24 hour San Clemente bail bonds services to this ocean side community. Call 949-347-6944 for free bail bonds information and immediate San Clemente bail service. The City of San Clemente does not have their own police department. Thus, the city contracts with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services. Individuals arrested within the city limits will be transferred to the Orange County jail for complete booking and housing.

The arrested individual will partake in a three to four hour booking process, generally known as the “loop.” Once the arrestee is booked, they will be assigned a bunk location within the Orange County Jail. During this delayed time frame, you may contact our professional bail bonds agents and inquire on your options in posting bail for the detainee. Once arrangements have been made through our bail bond services, we will post the bail bond with the cashier’s office at the Orange County Jail. This will begin the release process for your friend or loved one, taking up to eight hours for the release of the individual. Please understand, we don’t have any control on how quickly your friend or loved will be released from the jail. It approximately takes four to six hours, but can take longer due to network issues, shift changes, etc..

 San Clemente Bail Bonds | Local Bail Service

As a local San Clemente bail bonds company, Fastrak Bail Bonds prides itself as your neighborhood bail bonds professional. We have helped more San Clemente families in a time of crisis than any other Orange County bail company. Service is the name of the game, and we believe our professional San Clemente bail bonds service delivers an experience that is second to none.  Some of our clients guaranteed benefits include:

  • Lowest Rates
  • NO Annual Renewals
  • NO Court Appearance Fees
  • NO  Reinstatement Fees

We completely understand you may have never gone through this before, that is why we have tailored our bail bond services to be easy and simple to use! Was someone you know arrested in San Clemente? Call us for a free consultation and get the answers you are looking for today!

San Clemente Bail Bonds | Since 1996

Many people don’t know where to turn to when a friend or loved one gets arrested. We understand your concern and that is why we are here to help you get through this emergency. Let our respected Orange County team of bail professionals assist you in this time of crisis. We will walk you through the entire bail process, step-by-step, assuring you understand your options for bail and what is necessary in getting your loved one out of jail. Don’t rely on misinformation from others and get caught up doing business with the wrong bail bond company. You owe it to yourself to get the facts from a reputable and dependable bail bond company.  Our San Clemente bail bonds service looks forward in addressing your concerns and reuniting you with your loved one as soon as possible. Thank you.


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