Orange County Jail Inmate Search

orange county jail inmate search

Orange County Jail Inmate Search and Information

An Orange County inmate can be located in several ways. To search an inmate, you may go to the Orange County Jail website. The Orange County Jail inmate search will allow you to obtain limited information and only if the county jail inmate has been booked at that location. You may want to contact the records department at (714)647-4666, if you don’t have an internet connection or have further questions. Be prepared to provide the inmates full name and date of birth to begin your search process. The inmate search and facility are available twenty-four hours to assist you. Free inmate search information may also be obtained by calling (714)870-7730.

Orange County Jail Inmate Search Contact Locations

An Orange County Inmate may be housed in several Orange County Jail detention facilities. The detention facilities include the Intake Release Center (IRC), Men’s Central Jail, James A. Musick (Irvine), Theo lacy (Orange), and the Women’s Central Jail. An inmate Orange County search information alternative telephone numbers are as follows:

  • James A. Musick Detention Facility telephone number: (949)855-2600
  • Theo Lacy Detention Facility telephone number: (714)935-6940

However, it is always best to check with the online website www dot ocsd dot org before contacting these facilities. In addition, transportation of an Orange County inmate may delay your search and information for the county jail inmate.

Delays With An Orange County Jail Inmate Search

Delays can be anticipated when obtaining inmate search information. The Orange County Jail books and processes an average of 400 Orange County inmates a day. An annual average of 53,000 to 60,000 inmates come through those doors! Re-bookings from court appearances, transportation, and daily jail operations are some factors that may cause the delays. Periodic system maintenance and service of the Orange County inmate search site is always something to be expected.

The men and women of the Orange County Jail work tirelessly 24 hours day to keep the Orange County detention facilities running to speed. Please be patient in your county jail inmate search, there are many aspects to the booking process that we don’t see. For example, an inmate may not cooperate in the booking process or an inmate needs medical attention. Sheriff deputy shift changes and facility lock downs are other examples. Inmates need to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Files and inmates need to be transported from detention facilities and Orange County courthouses. Lets not forget computer network issues and problems.

The above mention scenarios are just a few examples of a daily work load for the staff of the Orange County Jail. Again, please be patient and you will eventually have the Orange County Jail inmate search information you inquired about.




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