Orange County Bail Bonds

Orange County Bail Bonds

Orange County Bail Bonds Information

Fastrak Bail Bonds provides 24 hour bail bonds services to Orange County, California. Call 714-870-7730 for free Orange County bail bonds information and to discuss your various options in posting bail for a friend or loved one. Arrests handled by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will be processed and booked at the Orange County Jail. However, local police departments within the county may also transfer a detained individual to the Orange County Jail for permanent booking and housing. This is due to  to an overcrowding of inmates at their police station, warrant status of the detainee, or strictly the police department’s policy.

A bail bond company serving Orange County should disclose the release time required for the various detention facilities. For example, someone booked at the Orange County Jail will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete the booking process. Once booked, the Orange County bail is posted for the inmates release, with a 4 to 6 hour release process. This time frame can’t be controlled or manipulated by the bail bond company, we are at the mercy of the jail staff to process the bail bond upon receipt. In addition, there may be unforeseen delays which may extend the 4 to 6 hour release process. Such delays can be the result of one or more of the following:

  • Jail Staff Shift Change
  • Facility Lockdown
  • Network Issues
  • Rise in Bookings

The release time associated with the local police departments is typically much faster. Once the bail bondsman has posted the bail bond, it should take no longer than an hour for your friend or loved one’s release. Again, keep in mind that not all local police departments have permanent housing facilities and a transfer to the Orange County Jail will be necessary. However, the jails run a 24 hour operation and the Orange County bail bonds company should be able to tell you if bail can be posted at the detention facility.

Orange County Bail Bonds Service

So, how do you choose an Orange County bail bonds service? A question many times difficult to answer, especially during a time of crisis or high emotions. People tend to make hasty decisions in time of need and look for a quick resolution to a problem that sometimes can be less favorable. Your best options are as follows: Look for a local Orange County bail bonds company, a good indicator is if they are using a local telephone number and have a local business address. See if there are any positive online reviews regarding their bail bonds service. You may want to ask how long they have been in business or check their license status with the California Department of Insurance.

Initially, it may seem most are similar Orange County bail providers, however looks can be deceiving once committed to a bail bond transaction. Let me first clarify that all California bail bonds companies are regulated on what they can and can’t charge for their services, usually 8%-10% of the total bail amount. Second, many of these companies advertise a “teaser” rate to get you into the door, but charge you the same rate as anyone else. Almost (usually) a bait-n-switch tactic to earn your business and then change the terms of your agreement without you knowing! Some are known to not honor any payment arrangements made once the defendant has been released from custody and request the entire amount balance owed. The bottom line, read everything carefully before entering into any bail bond transaction.

Local Orange County Bail Bonds

As your trusted Orange County bail bonds company, Fastrak Bail Bonds has provided professional bail bonds Orange service to the community since 1996. Please contact us for a free consultation or visit our local bail offices, 24 hours a day. In addition to our 24 hour bail bonds service, we offer  the following free of charge: warrant checks, case information, and court appearances. Thank you




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