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Dana Point Bail Bonds

Dana Point Bail Bonds Information

Fastrak Bail Bonds provides twenty-four hour Dana Point bail bonds information and service. Call 949-347-6944 for immediate bail bond services to the Dana Point community. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department is the law enforcement agency for the City of Dana Point. Thus, people arrested within this coastline community are taken to the Orange County Jail for booking and processing. The booking process can be lengthy, taking up to four hours to book an arrestee at the Orange County Jail. However, arrangements for bail can be made through our Dana Point bail services during this time delay. Do you have a friend or loved one arrested in Dana Point? If so, call today and speak with our friendly bail agents, they will inform you on what necessary steps must be taken in getting your friend or loved one released from jail.

Dana Point Bail Bonds | Orange County Sheriff’s Department

The Dana Point branch for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is located at 33282 Golden Lantern, Suite 140, Dana Point, CA 92629. Their non-emergency telephone number is 949-770-6011 and the general telephone number is 949-248-3531. Unfortunately, they will provide little to no information regarding an arrestee’s charges or whereabouts. This is due privacy rights and policies established by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. However, our Dana Point bail bonds service has access to this privileged information for the purposes of bail through our license and the bail laws of the State of California. In turn, our professional bail bonds service will keep you informed of the booking process, alleged charges, and release time for the arrestee. Don’t feel hopeless in this time of crisis, call our Orange County bail service for FREE bail information.

Dana Point Bail Bonds | Orange County Jail

The Orange County Jail is located at 550 North Flower Street, Santa Ana, California 92703 and their general telephone number is 714-647-4666. Individuals arrested for a suspicion of a crime in Orange County are booked, processed, and housed at this location. As previously mentioned, the booking process can take up to four hours to complete. However, this is only part of the time required to have someone released with our bond services. It takes approximately another six to eight hours in the release process once the bail bond is posted. Thus, the approximate time from arrest to reuniting with your friend or loved can take up to twelve hours. Unfortunately, our Dana Point bail bonds services has no control over the release time of an arrestee. The Orange County Jail houses approximately 3000 inmates at a given time. This excludes new bookings and releases from jail, let alone defendants arriving back from their court appearances. These are just some examples given for the time consuming booking and release process. Other delays for release may be internal network problems, deputy shift changes, and transportation of inmates.

Whatever your concern may be, our Dana Point bail bonds service is here to assist you in this difficult time. Please call and speak to our professional bail bonds staff for a free consultation. Thank you.

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