Bondsman Definition

bondsman definition

A General Bondsman Definition

Bail Bondsmen are licensed bail bonds agents who guarantee the defendant’s appearance in court for a pending criminal proceeding. The bondsman definition also applies to a corporate company insurer who transacts in the commercial bail industry. This niche type of bond writing is considered to be very risky business and caution should be used in the underwriting of such bonds. Failure for the defendant to meet the bail laws of the state and conditions of bail may require the total amount of the bail bond paid to the court. The bail bondsman is a rare breed of insurance licensee, but the benefit to the criminal justice system is substantial.

Bondsman Definition – Process And Documents

The bail bond process can seem confusion, but it is rather simple. When a customer is looking for a bail bond service, they should look at local reviews and possibly the license of the Orange County bondsman. The bail bond agreements are the standard required forms signed when obtaining a bail bond. The bondsman definition explains the obligations the co-signer and arrestee have to the bail bonds company and court. The surety agreement also explains the ramifications of the defendant’s failure to appear in court. In addition to the bail agent explaining the process, a criminal defense attorney can assist you in understanding the bail bond process.

Bondsman Definition of An Exoneration and Forfeiture

At the time of sentencing or whenever the criminal case is final against a defendant, the bail bond will be exonerated by the prosecuting court. This action taken by the court relieves the co-signer and defendant from the bail bond amount, including the bail bond agency. The bondsman definition of forfeiture is when the defendant fails to appear in court and in turn forfeits the bail bond. Unfortunately, this is the worst case scenario for all parties and can cost the most out of pocket expense. If the defendant is not returned to the court within the prescribed time, the total amount of bail posted through the bail bond will have to be paid to the court of jurisdiction.



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