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How To Get Bail Bonds in Buena Park

Bail bonds in Buena Park are available 24 hours a day. Upon contacting our bail bonds service, we will contact the jailer and front desk at the Buena Park Jail letting them know we will be posting the bail bond for the arrestee. We will then meet at the location and have the arrestee released as soon as possible. When calling, please provide the arrestee’s full name and date of birth to expedite the process. The City of Buena Park is home to approximately 83,000 people. In addition, the city is host to some very popular attractions, such as Knott’s Berry Farm, Soak City, and the Wax Museum. Law enforcement services are provided by the Buena Park Police Department. This policing agency has 92 sworn officers and 48 civilian employees. The Buena Park City Jail is a division within the police department and is located 6650 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, California 90622.

Buena Park Police and Bail Bonds in Buena Park

Buena Park bail can be posted at the Buena Park City Jail 24 hours a day. The general telephone number for the Buena Park Police Department is (714)562-3901 and (714)562-3939 for the Buena Park City Jail. The Buena Park Jail is a Type I facility. Arrestees booked at this facility are temporarily housed here until  they are arraigned by the court or bail is made for their release. Arrestees held on warrants or other special circumstances, will general be transferred to the Orange County Jail for further processing. Arrestees posting bail or bail bonds in Buena Park are generally released within an hour. However, there can be a substantial  delay in the release process due to shift changes and jail activity. The Buena Park City Jail processes approximately 5,000 adults and juveniles ever year.

Contacting Bail Bonds in Buena Park

Getting a bail bond in Buena park can be fairly easy. Our bail bond agency has 24 hour access to the Buena Park Jail. We are approximately three miles from the Buena Park Police Department and you can contact us at 714-870-7730 for a free consultation or immediate assistance in releasing a friend or loved one. We have assisted in hundreds of releases at the Buena park jail for over almost two decades. Our SmartBail guarantee provides a no hassle process, thus you can be rest assured our experienced bail agents will provide exceptional service no matter what time of day or night you call.

Arriving to the Buena Park Jail is simple. If you are near the 91 Fwy., you would exit Beach Blvd. and head north for about a mile and a half. From Los Angeles, you would head south on the 5 Fwy. and exit Beach Blvd. and make a right turn(south). The Buena Park Civic Center will be on the left hand side approximately 50 yards. If you are traveling from south Orange County, it is best to stay on the 5 Fwy. north until you exit on Beach Blvd. If you are coming from the north of Los Angeles, it’s best to connect with the 5 Fwy. and follow the above referenced directions.For further information or directions regarding bail bonds in Buena Park, please call our 24 hour toll free number 1-800-525-5915. Thank you.

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