Bail Bonds Defeated Purpose – California Penal Code 1305(A)(5)

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Under California Penal Code Section 1305(A)(5), the purposes of  bail bonds are defeated by the untimely filing of a criminal complaint by the District Attorney’s Office. This California penal code section requires that the court exonerate the bail bond 15 business days from the date of arraignment if no criminal (complaint) case has been filed.

This can create an unexpected problem for the defendant in the near future. After all, the defendant was released by the local bail bondsman for the alleged charges at time of arrest. The defendant expects to appear in court for the underlying criminal charges out of custody, the intended purpose for posting the bail bond. Unfortunately, a bail bond business can’t reinstate the bail bond once the court has exonerated the surety bond. So, if the District Attorney’s Office fails to file within 15 days of the arraignment date, but files the criminal complaint any time after, the defendant is looking at a possible arrest warrant and having to post a new bail bond!

Our Bail Bonds Policy

Fastrak Bail Bonds finds this to be more than unfair to the defendant, our client. Our bail bonds company’s policy is to post a new bail bond with little to no fees, saving the client hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The only requirements are that the new bail bond must be directly related to original criminal charges and case (missing complaint) not previously filed. In addition, our bail bondsman will attend the court hearing, just to make sure our client is free to leave after the hearing has concluded. This and additional services are free of charge for using our bail bonds services.

The Trusted Bail Bonds Company

Bail Bonds work is performed by licensed bail agents in the State of California. Circumstances can arise even before a criminal case is filed, as shown above. It is very important you have chosen the right bail bond company to assist you for the duration of your criminal proceeding. Fastrak Bail Bonds has had more than its share of conflicts with the criminal court system. However, we have made it our priority to always provide superior customer service with the most minimal conflict possible. If you have a friend or loved one in need of our help, please don’t hesitate in calling us for a free consultation. We will be more than happy to explain the bail process to you step by step.

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