Bail Bond Application

bail bond application

The Bail Bond Application

When seeking the services of a bail bond company, you will be required to sign several bail bond forms. These forms, such as the bail bond application, have been approved for use by the state’s Department of Insurance, the governing body over licensed bail agents and their companies. The bail bond application in most part is similar to a credit application. The application is divided into three parts; the defendant’s information, the defendant’s reference information, and the co-signer’s information.

Bail Bond Application Process

The application process is the first step in securing the surety bail bond for the arrestee’s release. the process usually takes thirty minutes to an hour to complete. However, in more complicated criminal cases with high bail bond amounts, the process may take up to several days to approve. Remember, the prospective co-signer is making an application to borrow monies of large amounts in most instances. Thus, caution must be taken to protect the surety insurer and bail bond company from any loss. It is always best to ask as many question as possible during the application process to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

Bail Bond Application Purpose

The purpose of the application is to qualify the prospective co-signer and determine the risk factors in the release of the defendant pending trial. For example, the prior arrest history of the defendant will play a big role in the underwriting process, especially if they are currently on probation or parole. The co-signer’s employment and personal information will be verified. A credit check may also be necessary in some cases to validate a co-signer’s credit worthiness and the ability to pay in the event of a bail bond forfeiture.

The application also is very helpful in the capture and surrender of the defendant for the failure to appear in court. The bail bond application contains the defendant’s personal information, references, and family information. Armed with such information, the bail recovery agent has a structured path in locating the defendant’s whereabouts.

To have the application and other required bail bond documents, such as the bail bond application contract explained to you thoroughly, please call us toll free at 1-800-525-5915. You may also want to contact your local bail bond association for a referral of a reputable bail bond company who can assist you with any questions that you may have.




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